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My PhD Research

I was awarded a PhD in Statistics in August 2014 by the School of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Glasgow, Scotland.

The title of my thesis is ...

Predicting Hypotensive Episodes in the Traumatic Brain Injury Domain

Download my thesis from this link (PDF)

Download a summary of my thesis from this link (PDF)

See the Projects tab for more details

The code used during the research is described in my blog and is available at this GitHub location for download.

AvertIT Project

The EU research project AvertIT has now finished. See the Projects tab AvertIT for more information.


Welcome to Stats Research Ltd, a statistical/data analysis and software design company run by Rob Donald. The services I provide include:

  • Statistical Analysis and Reporting
  • Data Preparation/Analysis
  • Contract Programming
  • Software Project Audits

Download my CV
Data Scientist, Systems/Data Analyst  (PDF)

I have extensive experience in data collection and analysis projects, including the design and development required, using the following technologies:

  • R and MATLAB
  • Python, Java, C#, C++ (ANSI and MFC), C
  • Unix system administration
  • Text processing using LaTeX
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgresql

I am experienced in working on standalone projects and within a team environment. I can undertake team leader roles and I am experienced in setting up development environments to support the full software lifecycle.


Stats Research Ltd

M: +44 (0) 7780 650910